Nancy Taylor – Tour Guide

As a native Oregonian my interest and the start of the wine industry began about the same time, 1975.  My husband and I followed each new winery with interest, trying to visit each new property, and we did for a few years!  Tasting and learning along the way, we developed a great appreciation for what it takes to produce a good glass of wine.

I became active in Oregon Wine and Food Society in 1980, right about the time I was teaching cooking classes.  In 1982 I started a small catering business, which I was very successful with for 24 years.  At this time I was also a member of Oregon Wine Brotherhood, and The Confrere de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, an international wine and food society.

My interest in food and wine took me all over the world for wine tours and cooking classes, continuing my education with participation, what a great job!  After retiring in 2005 from catering, I continued my interests with food and wine, and do my part with daily consumption!

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